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Greetings Chayil BOSS,

In line with Habbakuk 2:2, utilising this space to document RHS '03 Prays which happens to be my graduating set from one of my Alumni tribe. If you are a believer the message is applicable to you too. There is a clarion call for us to WAKE UP! ARISE!! SHIINE!!! The assignment is critical and requires our participation. We are not just the 2003 Clan of Redeemer's High School but Abba's Beloved taking dominion.

Royal Priesthood, the weeping (mourning) for us, Nigeria and her citizens is over! However, we must participate! We must war in the realm of the spirit and be proactive in the contemporary world arena. We must first look inward and be an example!! 

Here is a copy of the handout (click to download) for RHS Prays '03 Clan. The handout has a number of resources put together in one document for ease of use and sharing. It can be used in your personal prayer time and personal bible study. There are prayer points included (from page 11), we will pray some selected ones together united in heart and we will sing We Glow (page 21). You will also find our prayer meeting agenda (page 3) for Saturday the 5th of June, 2021 at 9pm which will hold on Zoom. Send your prayer requests to Joshua Alawiye or Preye Ombu and feel free to request to be anonymous.


"Your sun shall no more go down, nor shall your moon withdraw itself, for the Lord shall be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning shall be ended"

~ Isaiah 60:20

As we prayerfully approach our  Saturday prayer session I was prompted to read and scribble some notes below: 
Esther 4:2,11,13-14,16; 5:1-3
I realised it brought to life The Assignment between the Porch and the Altar (See Page 6 of Handout) using Mordecai, Esther & their people as examples.
  • Mordecai = Outer Court. Could only get access as far as the gate/entrance. He gives us perspective as leaders that a leader must 'define reality' based on current issues and discern next level. I love how in verse 13 Mordecai bursted Esther's bubble (brain reset lol) by reminding her that her place of comfort did not exclude her or promise her safety from the looming plight of her people in the land! It is a combination of Current Affairs, Reality Check and Action Step. As leaders just like Mordecai, we are Watchmen (Gatekeepers) in the spirit too. We are to awake, arise, pay attention, be cautious, be active, watch and pray (Matthew 26:41; Habbakuk 2:1).
  • Esther = Inner Court. Was able to access the inner court (the throne room; for us symbolises the altar of God in His temple and we are His temple, see 1 Peter 2:5; 1 Corinthians 6:15-20). Her access comes from a place of personal relationship, intimacy, understanding and applying God's principles that aided in breaking protocol for her sake and her people. Like Esther we must influence in our different spheres of influence. But first she knew as a godly leader the role of prayer & planning! She called for corporate prayers (a gathering or fellowship of her kind)! As a group they developed capacity and developed in stages. With purpose, preparedness, actions, united prayer, fasting and consecration she was able to access the Inner Court in faith without being summoned by the king and received favour from the King for her and her people. 


May we understand fully our role and importance of standing in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). May we experience intimacy and relationship with the King of Kings that gives us access where only a few are able to tap into fully. May we take dominion as the Royal Priesthood exercising our right to ask and receive whilst being proactive in Jesus name. 
May we be available and Ezekiel 22:30 not be our portion in Jesus name. "And I sought a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none."

As always, it is an honour and privilege to share time communing in God's word and prayers with you. Do grab your Bible and Chayil BOSS Sermon & Bible Study Log (or a blank piece of paper) or the FREE PRINTABLE DOC when studying and meditating. Also, if you will like some fire and intimacy added in your quiet time Chayil BOSS has faith tools and resources at your disposal. I am looking for individuals to join me in my mission of sowing some copies of the Chayil BOSS Prayer Log monthly into individuals lives that are unable to afford a copy or just seeking to build a relationship with God. Do let me know if this is of interest to you. Warrior BOSS, it was created for a time such as this when the Army of the Lord rises. 

His Beloved & Priestly Queen,

Lady P.

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