Self-Management: A Chayil BOSS as an Abiding Ruby in the Last Days | FREE DOWNLOAD | ABIDING RUBIES FELLOWSHIP 20200530

Greetings Chayil BOSS,

On the 30th of May 2020 (last year) we were invited to speak at Abiding Rubies Fellowship. Realised that the message is still very much important today for all believers and using this medium to share the slides. Feel free to download and share. It can be used in your personal bible study.

As always, it is an honour and privilege to share time communing in God's word and prayers with you. Do grab your Bible and Chayil BOSS Sermon & Bible Study Log (or a blank piece of paper) or the FREE PRINTABLE DOC when studying and meditating. Also, if you will like some fire and intimacy added in your quiet time Chayil BOSS has faith tools and resources at your disposal. I am looking for individuals to join me in my mission of sowing some copies of the Chayil BOSS Prayer Log monthly into individuals lives that are unable to afford a copy or just seeking to build a relationship with God. Do let me know if this is of interest to you. Warrior BOSS, it was created for a time such as this when the Army of the Lord rises. 

His Beloved & Priestly Queen,

Lady P.

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UK; US; CA; FR; IT; DE; ES; JP; NLBR; MXAU (On Paperback)


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