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Chayil BOSS Prayer Log

Daily Prayer Companion & Organiser for Warrior Bosses

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Chayil BOSS Family Meeting Log

Warrior Bosses taking their Family as their First Ministry

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Chayil BOSS Sermon & Bible Study Log

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Chayil Boss Prayer Log is a must have for every person who has a hunger to know God. For the Christian who is intentional about their spiritual growth, it will take you on a purposeful and rewarding journey through the Bible. It has helped my prayer life immensely with scripture verses for everyone - family, friends, staff, colleagues, partners, etc. And it has also helped me pray positively for myself, my work situation, church and other knotty issues.

The beauty is that you are praying with scriptures all the time and you know His word never returns to Him void! I also am able to document my thoughts and testimonies. I love to journal. The Chayil Boss Log helps with my conversations with God. I actually look forward to using it daily. It is a "meeting place" with God. If you do not know how to pray or you are a bit lazy with prayers, this prayer log will change you!

Kate Onyeanakwe

Looking to be more intentional in praying about every aspect of your life? Then grab the Chayil BOSS Prayer Log. It is comprehensive and covers areas that you may naturally forget to hand over to God in prayer. A well written prayer book for all!

Chinyere Agu Ogunro

Wonderfully spiritually intended. You can't go wrong.

Faith Aliago